• Can steal an item from a player.
  • Example: Potions, Shield, Bow and Arrow, Etc.
  • Allowed to steal from a player each phase.
  • Has to steal three items in total to win.
  • If a player has multiple items then they are only allowed to take one at a time.
  • If a player has no items then the Thief is informed this player has nothing of worth.
  • If Thief attempts to steal expendable items the same time they are used then they are informed the player has nothing of worth.
  • Is allowed to use the items stolen once as specified by other role parameters.
  • The players stolen from have their items returned until the Thief has used them unless they are expendable.
  • Players are informed they have been burgled.
  • Items are returned to original owners when the Thief wins.
  • May continue to steal reusable items after their victory.
  • Ex: Shield, Matches.
  • Appears at home unless out stealing.
  • If blinded by the Nova it is made random who they steal from.

  • Creator: Moon.

    List of Items:
    Crystal Ball (Seer)
    Death potion (Alchemist or Synergist)
    Life potion (Alchemist or Synergist)
    Alcohol (Drunk)
    Bow and Arrow/Gun (Hunter)
    Explosives (Lunatic)
    Great Axe (Executioner)
    Traps (Trap Master)
    Red Cape (Matador)
    Bottle and Glass (Bartender)
    Sheet Music (Caroler)
    Matches (Pyromaniac)
    First Aid Kit (Medic)
    Exorcism Charm (Synergist)
    Doll (Creepy Girl)
    Condoms (Prostitute)
    Candle (Candlestick Maker)