Other Coders

A Bad Bitch
More like a sleek bitch. Seriously, her coding always looks insanely sleek and professional. This is a link to her tumblr, she has a pastebin too with some older stuff. My complaint is there's typically all this SPACE she doesn't use! Though this probably helps guarantee compatibility between computers.

Adoken / SpookieQT
I don't know how furaffinity works, but this is good ol' Adoken's new spot if you'd like to contact him on there. He does art commissions and profile code commissions. Here's some of his old stuff on DeviantArt but DO NOT ask him for his old free stuff, he's not handing it out anymore and I don't blame him.

If you're looking for a commission that speaks volumes about your character's personality, Alcyone is who you want to talk to! I can't emphasize enough how personalized she can make a code. She also has a few free layouts that are pretty great. The problem is they're not resizable friendly.

Apparently retired.

Ellexide Codes
Rebranded to Monster Codes.

I think she moved?

Seems to be gone?

Nice and neat coding that utilizes space well. I've heard from a couple people they're hard to customize.

Spaceman Codes

Very professional, thoroughly coded, and made with excellent color pallets. These are built for information! Unfortunately, this is also what makes them overcrowded in my opinion. There's too much and there's features that don't work on RPC at all included in them since they're for other sites.