Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: Pending

A: If you're on RPC there's three boxes:
The top is for JavaScript (donators only)
The middle is CSS
The bottom is HTML

On my webpages I have CSS listed on the left so copy everything there into the middle. HTML is on the right so that goes into the bottom. HTML creates webpage elements and CSS styles them.

A: No. After a special request that was used about a week before being discarded followed by two requests who never responded, I am not taking special requests for the forseeable future. Feel free to make a suggestion, but I'm not going to reserve it just for you if I end up making it.

A: It's mildly irritating, but we all know someone is going to do it. It's not worth fighting people over. For the most part its going to be obvious to everyone who uses my stuff that it's mine. Even so, it'd be really nice if you simply credited me in the OOC (I have directions for moving the entire tag in my HTML Guide, and some codes have instructions at the bottom of the CSS). I understand not wanting to have a visible tag or wanting to adjust the tag which is completely fine. Full removal though, I may message you and call you a dink. Just for fun.

A: A minimum of six hours. Usually you should have it within three days (as in 72 hours, not as in "I asked you Friday night. It's Sunday morning, where is it?"). However, I've taken up to two weeks to code something. Also note, if I did something I don't normally work with in your code and then it turns out to be broken later, it could take me up to a month to get to fixing it. Especially if you make me work with tables. I hate tables. I will flip them all. I've been intensely hot and cold with inspiration.

A: Several reasons: my inspiration is fickle; I'm lazy; it makes it more 'work' than 'for fun'; I don't want to deal with people jacking me around about payment; if the commissioned code is abandoned it pretty much gets to rot for all eternity on my hard drive which is a big disappointment; it's pretty easy to steal html code so I'm not comfortable charging for it; I'd make like $10 a pop every four months which I guess is better than $0? Eh.

A: After I did my coding overhaul in 2016 I added a tag to all the codes. Hovering over the coder link will display it. Example: If you hover over the link and it reads "VS#10" then the coding will be the tenth code in the Vocaloid Series. If the coder tag does not have a white background then it's an old version and it won't tell you. If it has a white background but doesn't tell you or says 'Special' then it was a special request and is not publicly available. In this last case it is between you and the person using the special request. I will never hand out a special request before it is abandoned.

A: You mean that blank a href link that when you click it, it goes no where and simply reads as "Link"? It's a blank link so people can see what their links will look like, and for novices, how to do links. Seriously, I do not understand what is so hard to figure out here. However, I have quickly found out that this stupid question pisses me off, so don't ask it, or I'll merely refer you to here so you can fully grasp how angry I am with you right now that I had to rant about it. Hopefully most of them have now been replaced with a link to Link's face.

A: Well, sometimes I code them in a testbed, so try pasting it there to see how it works:

A: Likely something very small was accidentally deleted. If the coding was copied from the CC or RC sections... sometimes when I remove the images and replace them with the IMAGE URL HERE text a " gets deleted. Make sure your img src has quotes on both sides of the url. If this happens please still take the time to send me a message on a service listed in the 'Contact Me' tab so I can correct the coding and keep this from happening to others. If this isn't the problem then mozy over to the 'Contact Me' tab as well.

A: Um. Maybe? I post plenty of peeks in my personal discord server. The last stage of testing also requires me to put the code up on my Lady Cera profile on RPC.

A: No. I don't get on RPC for RP anymore, I don't take new RPs through discord, and I'm not broadcasting my RPH profile since I'm barely ever on it anyway.