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Three new codes for you and exciting test site things!

CC#55 Mechanic available since April 30th,
CC#57 Firing Range available since May 30th,
RC#16 Holy Grounds available since July 19th,
...on Patreon!

The test site is back in action and I've made headway on a search function. The newest of new aren't there but please give it a try:

Not the Update I Wanted

Dear Aetas of RPC,

I hope this message finds you. Because wow, what a bitch move you've made. Over 100+ FREE layouts available, yet you have chosen to steal a commission. This disrepects me and any fellow RPers who have commissioned a layout.

This was not made for you, it was made for Dissonant (Aziza). You were asked to take it down and you haven't. You even had the gall to leave this in:

You are not a special lady.


I come bearing gifts! Three new layouts are officially available for everyone! Stay safe, stay home... and ROLEPLAY!

  • The cera-nore domain will be phased out next year.

  • I still can't test my webpages fully before uploading them.

  • I ditched my RPC account and can't be contacted through the Lady Cera profile.

  • CC#54 Teamwork available since March 27th,
    CC#53 Ready Tiger available since February 28th,
    and GS#15 EBF - NoLegs available since November 30th
    ...on Patreon!


    Hello again! I know it's been awhile so I just want to reassure everyone I'm not dead and to apologize for the domain name fiasco of January. There was a gap December / January because life but I have in fact been working on new layouts to share with everyone.

    The bullet points of this update:
  • My old domain name has been fixed but will be phased out next year so change your bookmarks to the new landing page.

  • Test server computer is still broken but I ripped a HDD out of an old laptop (either the fan or the HDD is broken on the server).

  • Coming soon list has been updated and I've nearly got a new batch of three to post so expect that late this month!

  • I no longer have an RPC account since I don't RP there anymore thus Lady Cera is no longer a viable means of contact therefore only my discord server remains unless you are a patron.

  • CC#53 Ready Tiger,
    and GS#15 EBF - NoLegs are available
    ...on Patreon!